[cq_vc_hotspot image=”2264″ position=”25%|30%,35%|20%,45%|60%,75%|20%” iconbackground=”rgba(0,0,0,0.5)” circlecolor=”#ffffff” ispulse=”yes” pulsecolor=”pulse” opacity=”0.5″ tooltipstyle=”shadow” trigger=”hover” tooltipanimation=”grow” custom_links_target=”_self” maxwidth=”320″]
You have to wrap each tooltip block in a div with class tooltip-content. Something like:
<div class=’tooltip-content’>content here…</div>
So you can put anything in it, like a image or video.
Hello tooltip 2, you can customize the icon color, link, arrow position, tooltip content etc in the backend.
Hello tooltip 3

I’m a title

You can customize the icon position in the frontend editor of Visual Composer.
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